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Wells Fargo Wholesale Lending

Wells Fargo Wholesale Lending offers cutting-edge solutions to help brokers meet their clients' requirements. With the financial strength and backing of nation's one among the four largest banks, Wells Fargo Wholesale Lending has become a leader in mortgage industry offering an array of unmatched products and services to a large number of approved brokers, loan originators and correspondent lenders across the country. The company is continuously on the path of success scaling new heights every passing year while focusing on a few core areas of expertise. With competing mortgage rates and diverse product ranges, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Wholesale has become the first choice for those seeking profitable careers as brokers and correspondent lenders in the present mortgage markets.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Wholesale

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is one of the leading mortgage servicing companies in the United States. Working with such a large corporation is in itself an advantage as it can keep you ahead of your competitors. Moreover, you can find here a wide spectrum of products and services that typically match your requirements. These may be grouped under Down Payment Assistance Programs (DAP) and Home Affordable Refinance Program, and Energy Efficient Mortgages, Government and Home Equity Products. Apart from conventional loan products, the wholesale banking division of the bank offers Government supported FHA and VA loans at attractive mortgage rates. Besides that Wells Fargo Bank has also put in place several learning programs and development opportunities through its subsidiary organizations, training centers and a wholesale university.

Wells Fargo Wholesale Banking

To obtain Wells Fargo wholesale banking facilities and get access to its exclusive services, rate sheet and information on latest products, you need to become an approved broker of the bank. Its Broker's First is a website that is specifically designed keeping in mind their typical requirements. Here you would find rate sheets, underwriting guidelines, mortgagee clause, latest updates and much more along with facilities to make requests for registration, rate lock and cancellation. Visit the website to complete online registration form in order to have a Wells Fargo Wholesale account executive talk to you directly regarding your joining the group. Here are more contact details and address for the wholesale lending division of the bank.

Phone Number: 1-800-869-3557


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