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Wells Fargo REO

Wells Fargo REO Department invites applications from non-profit organizations for buying properties at reduced prices in order to help them provide homeownership and rental opportunities to members of economically weak sections. The complete listing of REO properties for sale can be viewed at the website of Premiere Asset Services (PAS), the asset management division of the bank. The PAS portal will allow you to conduct a nationwide property search according to your preference. The organizations can see the listings as well as make a request online to buy one or more houses under the Wells Fargo Real Estate Owned Discounted Properties Program.

Wells Fargo REO Properties

Wells Fargo REO Properties are marketed, sold and liquidated by PAS which has a strong network of real estate agents, brokers, Realtors and vendors across the country. The asset management company not only provides the free online listing services for Wells Fargo REO Properties but also helps first time homebuyers and real estate investors with complete buying assistance, right from the application till the closing of a home mortgage deal with the bank. The company has so far liquidated more than 30,000 foreclosed homes for sale nationwide helping people fulfill their dream of homeownership.

Wells Fargo REO Properties for Sale

The REO properties are those one-to-four-unit foreclosed houses that have failed to sell at auctions and are now held by lenders. As the de-facto owners these lenders can sell their possessions by taking assistance provided by Wells Fargo and its ally Premiere Asset Services. Also known as Wells Fargo bank-owned properties or homes for sale, their sale process is handled by PAS with the active participation of listing agents. For more enquiries, home inspection and completing the sales procedure you need to contact the REO agent assigned to sell the property you have selected from online listing. For mortgage assistance, you may contact a WFHM Home Mortgage Consultant.

How to Become a Wells Fargo REO Agent

Wells Fargo has roped in a large number of real estate agents, brokers and Realtors to quickly liquidate the inventory of bank-owned properties. These associates of the bank are also offered various training programs through PAS. The objectives are to widen its network of agents and vendors, and improve the quality of services they offer. It really sounds a profitable decision to become a Wells Fargo REO agent, as the bank is maintaining a large number of foreclosed homes for sale. Moreover, you have the support of one of the big four banks of the United States behind you. For more on how to become a Wells Fargo REO Agent and also to search for available jobs in this regard visit, the portal of Premiere Asset Services.

Wells Fargo REO Department

Wells Fargo REO Department, which is known as Wells Fargo Housing Foundation, works in tandem with Premiere Asset Services, the asset management company handling the sale process of bank-owned foreclosed properties. This department runs some foundation programs to allow people from low and moderate income sections to buy affordable homes and realize homeownership. Contact this department to get more info on the current foundation and homeownership grant programs. Here are the contact details.

Wells Fargo REO Department Phone Number: (612) 667-5131

Fax Number: (612) 316-0417


Mailing Address:

MAC N9305-192
19th Floor
90 S 7th Street
Minneapolis, MN


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