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Wells Fargo Mortgage Reviews

Wells Fargo Mortgage Reviews can help you decide confidently whether or not to obtain a service from the bank. The online reviews written by existing customers open up a window for you to get a deep insight of the actual working and see beyond the advertised part the products and services the bank offers. A survey of most recent reviews and ratings posted by the Internet community reveals a mixed kind of opinions from existing customers, lenders, past employees and other bloggers.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Reviews

The mortgage rates offered by Wells Fargo are competitive and among the lowest in the industry. It also offers one of the lowest closing costs and its consultants have been the most helpful for many first time homebuyers. The Wells Fargo Closing Guarantee is yet another innovation that insures the closing of a loan on or before the closing date mentioned in the original purchase contract. If this does not happen you are entitled to receive a check from the bank for the first month's principal-and-interest payment.

Reviewers who have had bad experience with the bank complain about the high fees and many hidden charges a mortgage loan applicant usually has to pay. Sometimes it refuses to give back money that has been taken in error from a bank account. Moreover, the bank is not freed from committing acts that are considered unethical by many customers. Many scams, frauds and consumer complaints have also been reported in recent times. These all have contributed in tarnishing the image of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, which is one of the largest originators of mortgage loans in the country.

Wells Fargo Refinance Reviews

Questions are raised over Wells Fargo no cost refinance program, which sometimes ask customers to go through a new appraisal process and subsequently reduce the points needed to obtain a low interest rate. This happens when the house is worth less than a set value and also when there are issues with loan to value (LTV). Customers are advised to put up new escrow account funds, and get back to their current escrow balance only after the closing is done. Learn more about refinancing and seek the helpful assistance from the bank to make informed decision.

Wells Fargo Mortgage Reviews 2010

The website of Wells Fargo Bank allows you to seek a plethora of information on its various refinance and home mortgage programs. Whether or not to refinance should strictly be based on correct and complete information, since this is probably the most important financial decision you would ever have in your life. Though the website imparts valuable information, you would not get the other side of the story if you overlook the most recent mortgage reviews made by people with all sorts of experiences. Search the Internet for Wells Fargo Mortgage Reviews 2010 to get different viewpoints, which will certainly help you form the most appropriate decision and make a reasonably correct action plan. Use the resources provided here to see Wells Fargo Mortgage Reviews 2010, Working Wells Fargo Reviews and Credit Manager Wells Fargo Review.


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