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Wells Fargo Mortgage Payment

Wells Fargo Mortgage Payment can be made flexibly using one of the various options the bank offers to its customers. There are options to make payments online, by phone or by sending an overnight mail to the given address. Choose a loan payment plan that suits your need and always try to pay on or before the due date in order to avoid a late fee. A grace period of not more than 15 days may be allowed in some cases, but after the expiry of this period you are considered to have made a default on payments. Still the bank allows you to pay off your overdue amount through a variety of ways. Wells Fargo home mortgage division has a number of branches at several locations across the country to help people make payment conveniently.

Wells Fargo Mortgage Payment Options

Wells Fargo offers several options to allow borrowers to pay according to their convenience and enjoy greater financial security while maintaining their homeownership. Most people opt for the Preferred Payment Plan as it is recurring in nature and is designed for easy budgeting. The payment can be made through any checking account without any need to pay an extra fee for the service.

The bank allows free service for online bill payment also, but this is limited to first two months only. Moreover, you can choose a recurring or one time payment option with this plan, too. The other mortgage payment plans, namely Transfer Funds and Wells Fargo Easy Pay allow you to pay all your dues one time on the same day. While the former requires a checking or saving account at Wells Fargo Bank, the latter can be availed with a checking account at any bank. The services are free in both the cases.

Wells Fargo Online Mortgage Payment

You can manage your mortgage quickly and easily with Wells Fargo Online, which is accessible anytime and anywhere provided you have an Internet connection. To avail the services you need to sign up for Wells Fargo Online and set up an online account, which will become a window to view your balance, interest rate and escrow information, get tax data, request a payoff quote, and obtain account summaries, transfer funds and do a lot of other activities.

Moreover, you can make your payment online as well. If you have opted for Preferred Payment Plan then you can enroll for free to schedule automatic payment drafts in order to ensure no default on the due date. Similarly, with Online Bill Payment option you can clear your bills in minutes and with Wells Fargo Easy Pay option you can make free payments on the same day. It is also possible to transfer a mortgage payment online with this facility.

Wells Fargo Mortgage Payment Calculator

If you are not sure of what your monthly payments would be like, you can use tools like Wells Fargo Mortgage Payment Calculator, which can also figure out the maximum amount you can borrow from the bank. Using the calculator, you will know how much you can afford to participate in a mortgage loan program offered by the bank. Moreover, you can suitably adjust the loan term, the number of payments you can make in a year, the total number of payments throughout the loan, down payment and the interest rate. This you can achieve by making changes in variables like appraised value of your home, terms of the home loan, interest rate, yearly property tax and yearly property insurance.

Wells Fargo Mortgage Repayment Plan

Wells Fargo offers a number of options to pay off your overdue amount. These are
  • Wells Fargo Easy Pay (SM): Pay on the same day by phone. Call 800-678-7986.
  • Western Union Quick Collect: Use a debit or credit card to write funds with same day delivery. For more information call the phone number 800-325-6000.
  • MoneyGram ExpressPayment (SM): You can use cash to write up to $10,000 with same-day delivery facility. For more call the number 800-555-3133.
  • Overnight Mail: It is also possible to send an overnight mail to make payments for overdue amount. The address is given at the end of the page.
If your financial hardship does not allow you to keep your mortgage obligation you can consider the following repayment options:
  • Repayment Plan
  • Loan Modification
  • Partial Claim (for FHA loans only)
  • Short Sale
  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
For more on Wells Fargo Mortgage Payment Assistance and Protection Plan visit its official website.

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