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Wells Fargo Mortgage Department

Wells Fargo Mortgage Department offers a variety of refinance and home mortgage services, many of which are available online as well. A dedicated phone line exists to handle queries and complaints pertaining to homebuying and refinancing issues. Its account management division aims at troubleshooting any problem that an existing mortgage customer might face during the loan tenure. The department allows users to access their accounts online and view details of payments, interest rates, taxes and many more anytime, anywhere.

To provide assistance to customers who are facing financial difficulties in making payments, there exist departments like Homeowner Assistance and Mortgage Modification and Payoff Departments. Troubled borrowers are provided assistance through a number of ways, which may include repayment plan, loan modification, refinancing, short sale, partial claim, short sale and Deed in lieu of Foreclosure. Wells Fargo Homeowner Assistance is just a call away when you think you would not keep current in your payments. You can make a request for assistance as well as check your request status online. Moreover it is also possible to obtain payment help by phone.

Wells Fargo Mortgage Department also caters to insurance and mortgage servicing requirements through specialized centers spread across the country. For commercial mortgage servicing it has a separate division which is one of the strongest in the industry with a variety of products and services being made available at competitive prices. Similarly, for services related to insurance, reverser mortgage, foreclosure, short sale, tax and real estate owned (REO), there exists a separate department for each. Wells Fargo also has a Mortgage Bankruptcy Department and a Loss Mitigation Department.

Wells Fargo Mortgage Department Phone Number

Wells Fargo Mortgage Department can be accessed through a number of phone numbers depending upon the kind of services being sought from it. Here is a list of the all these phone numbers.
  • For Homebuying or Refinancing queries and help call 1-877-937-9357
  • To seek assistance in managing your mortgage account call 1-866-234-8271. You can also refer to all your home mortgage tax related questions here.
  • For mortgage modification and payment related help and services call 800-678-7986
  • Insurance Department can be contacted at 1-866-234-8271
  • The phone number for Loss Mitigation Department is 866-261-5642
  • For Commercial Mortgage Servicing, Wells Fargo customers can contact at 1-800-986-9711 where as Wachovia customers can make a call at 1-800-326-1334

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