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Wachovia Mortgage Rates

Wachovia Mortgage Rates are now offered under the brand name of Wells Fargo as the latter has acquired the ownership of Wachovia Mortgage Corporation. The interest rates for 30 year fixed, adjustable and all other kinds of loans are now the same as those of Wells Fargo, which can be seen online at its website. The variety of mortgage options at Wells Fargo include conforming, FHA and jumbo loans with interest rates changing for different terms and loan types. In addition to that, you are also charged one percent of your loan amount as the loan origination fee. It should also be noted that Wachovia Mortgage Rates change everyday and the quantum of change vary greatly across US States. For example, the 30 year fixed mortgage rates in NJ and PA may not be the same on the same day.

Wachovia Mortgage Rates Today

Wachovia Mortgage Rates Today available online are good for refinancing of a single-family, primary residence. It is often a good idea to refinance in order to take the advantage of low current rates. In brief, a refinance loan can help you lower your payments, switch from an adjustable to a fixed rate mortgage, consolidate debt, use equity of your home and get additional cash, reduce the term of loan and minimize closing costs. Here are the current Wachovia Mortgage Rates for home purchase and refinance:

Products Interest Rate APR
30-Year Fixed Conforming 4.250% 4.433%
30-Year Fixed FHA 4.250% 5.087%
15-Year Fixed Conforming 3.625% 3.943%
5-Year ARM Conforming 2.750% 3.083%
5-Year ARM FHA 2.750% 2.948%
30-Year Fixed Jumbo 4.875% 5.012%
5-Year ARM Jumbo 3.750% 3.388%

Wachovia Mortgage Calculator

Use the table above along with an appropriate mortgage calculator to know corresponding rates for a home purchase loan also. Moreover, Wachovia mortgage calculator can be used for estimating monthly payments and obtaining a complete amortization schedule in addition to doing a number of other calculations online. The quotes you usually get from lenders are based on rate sheets that are accessible only to wholesale brokers and correspondent lenders. To shop better, check the rate history of the bank in Florida, Georgia, NC and Virginia and compare the same with what you are offered by a local lender. Depending upon your eligibility, you might also be considered for a reduction in today’s rates offered to you.

For more on Wachovia or Wells Fargo Mortgage Rates call 877-937-9357. Some adjustable rate loans use Wells Fargo COSI Index (Cost of Savings Index) for the determination of interest rates. The current Wachovia COSI Rate is 2.20%. More information on this can be had by calling toll free (866) 843-5533.


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