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Wachovia Mortgage

Wachovia is now a division of Wells Fargo bank and so is the Wachovia Mortgage Corporation, which was a key subsidiary of the fourth largest US bank holding company in the US a few years ago. The existing customers of this erstwhile industry leader have now two options for the fulfillment of servicing and other requirements.

Some have got their mortgage account converted to Wells Fargo and a letter to this effect has already been sent to them. They can now visit a dedicated welcome page available online or call at 1-877-213-7063 for questions related to their account. Moreover, they can visit Wells Fargo Online to get online mortgage access to their account and send payments using the new address provided on the letter issued by the bank.

The customers with loan account lying still with Wachovia can continue paying as usual till the time they do not receive intimation about any change. Moreover, they can still use Wachovia Online Services to pay mortgage online and call 1-800-642-0257 for questions pertaining to their account.

Wachovia Mortgage Corporation

The purchase happened in 2008, but the process of integration is still on. It was estimated at the time of acquisition that the entire process could take at least three years to complete. Prior to merger in that year, Wachovia Mortgage Corporation was known as a major player in the industry, which further got strengthened in 2006 with the purchase of Golden West Financial, a well-acknowledged and popular mortgage servicing company operating under the name World Savings Bank.

This deal helped Wachovia widen its reach in California and 10 other states where World Savings Bank had a good stronghold. But there was the different side of the story as well. Most experts believe that it was that deal that brought down the fate of Wachovia Mortgage FSB, and ultimately led to its sale to Wells Fargo, since there was a huge loss in option ARMs loans (Pick-A-Pay), the specialized and most popular division of Golden West Financial. Nevertheless, the broad range of loan products and services, not forgetting the great interest rates for which the company was known nationwide, are still available under the Wells Fargo brand name.

Wachovia Mortgage Rates

The home purchase and refinance options of the former Wachovia are now available through Wells Fargo. So to check the mortgage rates today, you need to use the resources available at the website of Wells Fargo. You can also subscribe to the rate alert feature of the bank or get a real-time rate quote by calling 1-877-937-9357. Current mortgage rates keep on changing all the time, so it is a better idea to lock the rate you think is suitable for you. Also the bank offers convenient application options (for homebuying and refinance) and online tools, such as calculators to help you analyze your financial situation and choose the most suitable home loan option.

Wachovia Customer Service

Apart from calling the phone numbers mentioned above, you can contact Wachovia FSB customer service, which you can do by calling 800-WACHOVIA (800-922-4684). Moreover, there exist separate telephone, fax, email and address for different divisions of the bank. For example, one can call (800) 950-2296 to enroll for online banking and start making payment online. However, you need to use the phone number given on your statement to request for a payoff quote, change address, make escrow balance enquiry or fulfill any other loan servicing need. To apply for a home equity loan or line of credit, one can call (866) 421-2775. To open a checking account and avail its personal banking services, one can call its customer service department anytime or visit the following address:

1525 West W.T. Harris Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28288-0376

Phone Number: 800-922-4684


Wachovia Bank