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US Bank REO Properties

US Bank REO Properties are houses foreclosed by the bank on account of non payment of mortgages by their original owners. These foreclosed properties failed to attract buyers at auctions and thus came into the possession of the bank. Besides foreclosure, the bank can get the ownership of a property through deed in-lieu-of foreclosure also, under which the owner willingly hand over the title to the bank. The inventory of REO Properties (REO means Real Estate Owned) is expanding as new homes are constantly added to it. The bank invites home buyers and real estate investors to have a look on its nationwide list of REO Properties for Sale.

US Bank Real Estate for Sale

The properties owned by US Bank Home Mortgage are listed on its website inviting bidders and home buyers to place a bid on the one they like to buy. There is a separate list for each state and each entry in the listing has details like the property location, value and minimum bid price, and agent name and his contact information. The selling agent or broker dealing the property can be contacted to get more on how to place a bid and complete the required steps to purchase it.

US Bank REO Asset Manager

It is the responsibility of US Bank asset manager to maintain REO properties as long as they do not sell and remain with the bank. The bank has a full-fledged company by the name of US Bancorp Asset Management, Inc., which is one among the largest asset managers in the United States. The company dealing chiefly in commercial properties offers portfolio management services to corporations, non-profit organizations, public entities and other institutions. For the sale of residential real estate, banks usually hire asset managers and private vendors to attract buyers and increase sale volume.

US Bank REO Division

US Bank provides online listing of REO properties for sale. As the bidding process and other aspects of a sale procedure are handled by the agent, you need to contact them only and not the bank. Though it is hard to access the US Bank REO Department directly, you can check its website and obtain useful information online. In case you need to contact the bank regarding any aspect you can do so by dialing its home mortgage customer service phone number, which is 800-365-8544. You can also confirm if you are eligible for a loan from US Bank Home Mortgage in order to buy a house you see in its list of REO properties.


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