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US Bank Home Mortgage Wholesale

The Consumer Finance Wholesale Mortgage Division of US Bank Home Mortgage has roped in as many as 10.5 thousands brokers in almost all states. With the backing of the nation's fifth largest commercial bank (in terms of assets), US Bank National Association, the Home Mortgage Division has enough financial strength and funding resources to offer a top-of-line product range for wholesale lending brokers, bankers and correspondents. Alongside a wide spectrum of non-agency portfolio mortgage solutions, the company has a dedicated team of professionals to fulfill its customers' objectives quite efficiently and in no time.

US Bank Correspondent Lending

The Correspondent Lending Division of US Bank Home Mortgage offers a complete line of products to help correspondent lenders meet their residential loan requirements. The products and services of the Division stand out in the wholesale lending market owing to underlying features like competitive pricing, uniqueness and innovative packaging. Moreover the extensive product range also includes Conforming Agency, Government and Private Investor products. You can gain access to the exclusive product lines that the Division offers and do a variety of banking tasks by the joining the US Bank Home Mortgage.

You need to apply first in order to become a US Bank Correspondent. Complete either the Financial Institution Application Package or the Mortgage Banker Application Package that you find online and send it to the address given on the application, along with all required documents. A US Bank Correspondent is provided with a login ID to access exclusive information over the World Wide Web. For more information dial 800-237-8463 to talk to National Account Executive.

US Bank Mortgage Broker

To become a US Bank Wholesale Lending Broker and Banker, one needs to contact an Account Executive. Check online the name and phone number of the Account Executive located near you. At US Bank Home Mortgage, you will find traditional wholesale programs as well as Table Funded Broker or Correspondent Programs. Some of the major US Bank Broker Loans and Dealer Loan Products include FHA (Fixed & ARM), FHA Jumbo, VA (Fixed & ARM), Second Mortgage, Elite, USBHM Interest Only, FHLMC, FNMA (Fixed, Conforming & Jumbo), Streamline Refinance and more.

US Bank Wholesale Mortgage Rates

US Bank Home Mortgage offers competitive wholesale mortgage rates which can be viewed online as well. Every broker, banker or correspondent lender is provided with a login password to open secured pages of the website and find resources befitting their residential loan requirements. Besides viewing wholesale rates, one can obtain US Bank wholesale rate sheets as well online. Call 800-803-4212 to get more information on how you can obtain latest US Bank Wholesale Mortgage Rates.


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