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US Bank Home Mortgage Rates

US Bank Home Mortgage Rates are offered online for a 90-day lock period. These interest rates, which are good for purchasing a new home as well as for refinancing an existing loan, are applicable for single family units to be used only as a primary residence. Moreover, the bank reserves the right to change the loan rates anytime without a notice. It is often a better idea to talk to a loan officer and get a desired rate locked by submitting a duly-filled mortgage application. The factors like the type of loan product you choose, present market condition, property type, occupancy and credit score play vital roles in determining your guaranteed home mortgage rate. Dial 800-365-8544 to speak with a US Bank mortgage loan officer.

US Bank Home Mortgage Rates Today

The various kinds of mortgage loan products include conforming, jumbo and government loans. Conforming rates, which can be either fixed or variable, are applicable for loan amounts up to $417,000 whereas Jumbo rates are applicable for anything more than this amount. Moreover, APR along with the rate of interest play important roles in the calculation of your monthly mortgage payments. Here is a sample of US Bank Home Mortgage Rates Today for all its major purchase and refinance loan products. Note that the current rates you see on the official website of the bank may not match what are being shown here as the bank updates its rates quite frequently.

Mortgage/Refinance Loan Types Interest Rates APR
Conforming Fixed - 30 Year 4.500% 4.564%
Conforming Fixed - 20 Year 4.375% 4.463%
Conforming Fixed - 15 Year 3.875% 3.985%
Conforming Fixed - 10 Year 3.750% 3.908%
FHA - 30 Year Fixed 4.500% 5.010%
FHA - 15 Year Fixed 4.000% 4.565%
VA - 30 Year Fixed 4.500% 4.846%
VA - 15 Year Fixed 4.000% 4.594%
3YR ARM 3.375% 3.628%
5YR ARM 3.375% 3.596%
Jumbo - 30 Year Fixed 4.750% 4.903%
Jumbo - 15 Year Fixed 4.125% 4.385%

US Bank Wholesale Mortgage Rates

The Wholesale Mortgage Division of the US Bank provides an array of value-added products and services to over 10,000 brokers across 47 US States. With Non-agency portfolio mortgage solutions, the bank aims at doing more than the usual as a portfolio lender. Some of the highlights of the program include 90 percent refinance, $1.5 million of loan amount, Yield Spread Premium, simplified pricing structure and availability of the program for purchase, refinance and cash out. To check the US Bank Wholesale Mortgage Rates you need to login first at its official website with your user ID and password. For more information dial 800-803-4212 to talk to an account executive.


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