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US Bank Home Mortgage Insurance

US Bank Home Mortgage Insurance offers you complete protection in the event of extended disability or death. It often becomes a huge liability to pay off mortgages when someone has reduced incomes due to disability or death of the mortgagee. Continuously depleting income and soaring expenses can bring you to the stage of bankruptcy and home foreclosure. But with US Bank home mortgage insurance solutions you need not worry about your financial future. These solutions have been designed well to help you manage your credit obligations in times of emergencies. Some of the popular insurance programs include the following:
  • Credit Disability Insurance: This program helps you keep paying your mortgages until the time you completely recover from disability and come back to your work. It may also happen that your loan is paid off before you become able to join your work.
  • Credit Life Insurance: It provides coverage against the death of mortgagee. The family members need not take pains in collecting resources to pay the balanced amount and interest of a mortgage loan, as the US Bank Credit Life Insurance pays off the scheduled loan balance under the circumstances.
  • Mortgage Life Insurance: It is an affordable insurance program that allows you to get your mortgage dues paid instantly in case of death, thereby relieving your family from the debt obligation. The maximum amount of loan balance permissible under the policy is $300,000. Moreover, you can add the low monthly premium of this policy to your mortgage payment which you make at your mortgage lender.

US Bank Home Mortgage Insurance Department

All the aforementioned insurance programs of the bank are provided by a third party company known as Great-West Life Insurance. So you need to go to the website of this insurance company to know more about the programs. US Bank Home Mortgage Department, on the other hand, provides services in connection with Renter's and Homeowner's Insurance. This department can be contacted anytime throughout the year. The phone number is 888-233-5705.

The Address of US Bank Insurance Center is given below:
U.S. Bank National Association, ND
Insurance Center
P.O. Box 537
Amelia, OH 45102-0537

For more on US Bank Insurance Department, its contact and address details visit the official website of the bank.


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