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US Bank Home Mortgage Calculator

US Bank Home Mortgage Calculator can prove a great assistance to solve problems and answer questions that you usually face while making a choice among the various options of home loan programs available at the bank. Deciding upon a home mortgage option is one of the most important financial decisions a person makes in his/her entire lifetime. A wrong decision may put you in a financial jeopardy that you might repent later in your life.

So the decision must be based on sound facts and correct financial analysis in order to avoid payment difficulties in future. Among the various online tools provided by US Bank, home mortgage calculators are by far the most popular and widely used ones. What is good about US Bank mortgage calculator is that you will find a separate calculator for solution to a particular financial question.

Here are the most popular US Bank Home Mortgage Calculators available online.
  • Mortgage Loan Calculator: It can generate a monthly amortization schedule for your current mortgage. With inputs like loan amounts, term and interest rate, you will instantly know what your monthly payments would be like for the entire loan term. You can also see the effect of any prepayments you made during the loan term in the schedule.
  • Mortgage Qualifier: Know answers to questions like "How much can I afford" and "How much can I borrow". With this calculator you can easily determine your budget to afford a mortgage loan. Just enter your annual income and a few other details to see the loan amount that you can afford. You can also see a yearly amortization schedule of your monthly payments.
  • Mortgage Points Calculator: You can calculate if buying points can help you ease your debt burden. You can lower interest rate and hence your monthly payments with every point you earn, but you have to pay one percent of your mortgage balance to buy one.
  • Mortgage Comparison: Compare which is right for you: a 15-year mortgage loan or a 30-year one. You will pay significantly lower interest with a 15-year program, but your monthly payments will by much higher than those of a 30-year program. Use this calculator to choose wisely.
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator: With an adjustable-rate mortgage program, you often need to know your monthly payment as the rates are not fixed during the loan term. This tool will serve the purpose by showing you a monthly or yearly amortization schedule based on the inputs you provide.
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