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TD Bank Mortgage Rates

TD Bank Mortgage Rates are determined keeping in mind the policies of the Federal Reserve Bank, inflation rate and the present condition of the financial market. The bank always tries to keep its interest rates as low as possible. Moreover, it offers a range of loan products to cater to the varying requirements of the customers. For example, there are fixed-rate mortgages of 15 and 30 years that are suitable for those having a steady income and who plan to live in their home for a long time. Others who expect an income growth in future or have a plan to move within five years can opt for adjustable-rate mortgages that have an adjustment period ranging from one year to seven years.

TD Bank (earlier TD Banknorth) represents TD Financial Group in the US and the same is represented by TD Canada Trust in Canada, which was the first bank in the country to raise prime lending rate by 1/4 points to 2.75% in July 2010. The current mortgage rates offered by these two will obviously be different and can be found from different sources. Visit to see mortgage rates today in the United States for NY, Mass, CT and New Jersey, and to view the same in Calgary, Alberta, BC, Ontario or any other location in Canada.

Similarly, if one wants to know about TD Bank commercial mortgage rates, TD Ameritrade mortgage rates or TD Waterhouse mortgage rates, they need to visit, and, respectively. Use online calculator available there to get an estimate of what your monthly payments would be for a particular loan type.

TD Mortgage Rates Today

Seeing the changeable nature of mortgage rates, it is prudent to consider a rate lock option once your loan is approved by the bank. The bank also offers the convenience of mortgage rate security that can automatically make you eligible for a lower rate after a year provided you have been current in your payments during the period. Though in most cases your credit history, lenders, locations and several other factors play important roles in determining what kind of interest rates you would actually be paying, the following can be taken as a guide to what TD bank has to offer to you in NJ, NY, CT and Mass.

Loan Types Rates APR
30 Year Fixed 4.375% 4.425%
15 Year Fixed 3.625% 3.711%
1 Year Adjustable 2.375% 2.998%
5 Year Adjustable 2.875% 3.003%
FHA 30 Year Fixed 4.250% 4.698%
Jumbo Conforming (30 Year Fixed) 4.500% 4.521%
Jumbo Conforming (15 Year Fixed) 3.750% 3.787%
Jumbo (30 Year Fixed) 4.625% 4.637%
Jumbo (15 Year Fixed) 3.875% 3.896%
Jumbo (1 Year Adjustable) 2.500% 2.973%

It would be a better idea to obtain mortgage rate history of the bank and use it to compare with what you are being offered by a lender. There are various online resource providers who will allow you to access the same. To keep track of changing interest rates, you need to visit its website or instead get registered to avail free rate watch service and receive latest updates via email. For more information you can use the following contact details.

Phone Number: 800-937-5020


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