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SunTrust REO Properties

SunTrust REO Properties for residential use are listed with local real estate agents who are an essential part of the bank REO program. The properties that do not sell at a foreclosure auction come under the possession of the bank, which are now referred to as REO (Real Estate Owned) or Bank Owned Properties. Usually the bank has a special department or division to maintain these properties, often with the help of private asset management companies. Real estate agents and brokers are invited to participate in the REO program and help the bank sell these properties at fair market value. SunTrust Mortgage, Inc provides updates on the program that seeks the participation of real estate brokers and agents under it.

SunTrust Bank Owned Properties for Sale

SunTrust Bank has a dedicated website that lists all bank-owned properties for sale. Each property on the list may have a separate agent or broker handling the inspection and sale process of the same. The search can be performed by entering your preferences of location, price limit and certain real estate features. For example, if you want to see SunTrust bank owned properties in Florida, you can get the result by providing the name of the city and state or a zip code.

The result will show you detailed features, such as price, location, number of beds & baths, lot size, garage, etc, and also allow you to see the picture of the property listed on the website. The complete contact details of listing agents are also provided so that you can contact them to verify the details and also start the real estate sale process.

Moreover, if you need financial assistance to buy SunTrust REO properties for sale you must be pre-qualified by SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. The listing agent will help you apply and complete the process of financing. Alternatively, you can visit the website of the bank to make application for a mortgage loan online.

SunTrust REO Division

The REO properties are managed by SunTrust Mortgage, which has a special division to do the same. The information regarding any aspect of such bank owned properties can be had from the mortgage customer service department of the bank. Whether you are a homebuyer or a real estate agent willing to participate in SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. REO program, the customer service phone number can be used to get the required information. Moreover, you can also send an email to the bank. Here is the contact number for SunTrust REO Division.

Phone Number: 1-800634-7928


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