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SunTrust Mortgage Wholesale

SunTrust Mortgage Wholesale Division caters to the requirements of mortgage brokers across the US. It undertakes sales and service training programs and brings technological advantage to the brokers to enable them to help their customers in the most desired manner. Moreover, it has streamlined its policies and procedures to make it a really worthwhile decision to work with the bank. While the retail business is carried out through the loan officers, the wholesale lending business depends completely on the support of brokers. For Mortgage Correspondent lending, it has a separate Correspondent Lending Division, which is based at SunTrust Mortgage headquarters in Richmond, Virginia.

SunTrust Mortgage Wholesale Division

The products and programs offered by SunTrust Mortgage Wholesale Division include loan programs sponsored by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, Government loan programs, such as FHA & VA Loans, affordable lending programs, Jumbo fixed rate loan programs, USDA Rural Development's Guaranteed Rural Housing Program, Portfolio ARM programs and Interest only loan programs. The advantages of working with SunTrust Mortgage Wholesale Division include powerful marketing expertise, cutting-edge technology and a wide support base. With a strong financial base and several years in wholesale lending business, the bank promises a solid career growth potential to anyone willing to join hands with it.

SunTrust Mortgage Wholesale Rates

SunTrust Mortgage Wholesale Rates are among the best in the industry. This is not the only reason why brokers are willing to work with the bank. Its website, offers online support and allows them to do a lot of activities quickly and in the most simplified manner. The mortgage partners of the bank can search for eligible products, use the tool known as "Quick Lock" to lock an interest rate in no time, make use of a variety of management tools to extend, relock, re-price and check current loan status, and obtain instant lock confirmations and have a look at underwriting decisions online. The register or lock feature allows a customer to enter a loan, select a program and get wholesale rate sheet pricing instantly. Moreover, the site also provides broker application, contact details of local regional Account Executives (AEs) and current product offerings online.

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