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SunTrust Mortgage Rates

SunTrust Mortgage Rates vary geographically as well as according to changes in factors like discount points, closing costs and base interest rates. The changes can be made any time and the bank is not bound to come up with a notification each time it does so. Consequently, your payments may increase or decrease depending upon the overall effect of the changes in these variables. There are certain other factors too that remain unchanged for a longer time, but have a major impact on the loan rates. These include Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and Origination Fee. While the origination fee is 1% in most cases, APR is not the same for all kinds of mortgage loans.

Check SunTrust Mortgage Rates Today to see the current interest rates as well as the Annual Percentage Rate. To obtain more information regarding SunTrust Mortgage rates contact your loan officer. Moreover, you can register at SunTrust Mortgage Rate Watch to receive notification when interest rates meet your desired rate and points. To its business partners SunTrust offers mortgage rate sheet pricing for each loan program. Moreover, the mortgage wholesale rates are offered with register/lock options.

SunTrust Mortgage Rates Today

An example of SunTrust Mortgage Rates Today as you would see on the website of the bank is given here for your information.

  Interest Rate Annual Percentage Rate
30 Yr Fixed Conventional 4.375% 4.523%
15 Yr Fixed Conventional 3.750% 4.002%
30 Yr Jumbo Fixed 5.250% 5.400%
Agency 5/1 ARM 30 Yr 3.500% 3.522%
Agency 7/1 ARM 30 Yr 3.625% 3.617%
30 Yr FHA - Fixed 4.375% 4.924%

The rates shown here are of informative value only. Please check the website of SunTrust, Inc to get the most recent mortgage rates.

SunTrust Mortgage Rates Refinance

Refinancing could be a better option to stay current with your payments and obtain benefits of lower interest rates. Depending upon you equity in your house, you can even get a cash-out refinance, which can immediately put in your hands a large sum of money. You can use this money in any way you like. For example, you can go on an extensive vacation, pay for home improvements or buy things that you have so long dreamed of your life. With a refinance loan, you can make a switch over from an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate one, thus avoiding risks associated with the former. Moreover, refinancing also helps you in mortgage payment organization, debt consolidation, availing tax advantages and getting out of the debt quickly.

The following kinds of mortgage and refinance products exist at SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.
  • Conventional Fixed Rate Mortgages (for 30 years & 15 years)
  • Jumbo Mortgages (30-year fixed rate)
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages (5/1 ARM 30 year and 7/1 30 year)
  • FHA Mortgages (30 year)
For more on SunTrust Mortgage Rates Today, refinance options, rate watch and rate sheet, visit the official website of the bank, which is mentioned below:


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