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SunTrust Mortgage Calculator

A SunTrust Mortgage Calculator can be used to do a lot of math-related activities that are usually required to choose a loan product that best fits your needs, affordability and repayment capabilities. In fact, there exist a number of calculators, each with a different objective and purpose. For example, a refinance calculator can tell you whether refinancing can help you save a significant sum of money or not, and if yes then how much. On the other hand a payment calculator can help you estimate the amount of money you would need every month to pay your mortgage.

If you are a renter and are seriously thinking about buying a home, you can use SunTrust Mortgage calculator to know if it is a right thing to do in the present financial condition. You can also check if it is affordable for you to buy a home and if it is then which loan option is the most suitable for you. A home value finder can prove a valuable tool for those relocating to some other place.

Indeed, with an appropriate SunTrust Mortgage Calculator you would be able to compare various loan offers, fixed & adjustable rates and different loan terms, and determine monthly payments & amortization, payments for fixed rate or adjustable rate, closing costs and down payment amount. You can also check how much you are going to save by reducing PMI, paying points or by making extra payments.

Here is a list of loan calculators that SunTrust Mortgage, Inc offers online at its website:
  • Refinance Cost Calculator
  • Refinance Savings
  • Home Value Finder
  • Rent vs Own Calculator
  • Owner's Tax Savings
  • Calculator to compare different loan offers
  • Fixed vs Adjustable Rate
  • 15, 30 or 40 year Term
  • Loan Analyzer
  • Monthly Payment Calculator
  • House Affordability
  • For Fixed-Rate Payment calculation
  • For ARM Payment calculation
  • For Closing Costs calculation
  • For Down payment calculation
  • Calculator to find how much you can save by reducing PMI
  • Pay Points to lower Rate Calculator
  • Calculator to save money by making extra payments
Visit the website of SunTrust, Inc to get details of all these calculators and also to use them online.


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