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SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.

SunTrust Mortgage, Inc is ranked among the top twenty mortgage originators and loan servicers in the United States. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SunTrust Bank, which, with total assets of over $170 billion, is one of the largest and strongest financial services holding companies in the country. The presence of SunTrust Bank can be felt strongly in States like Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland, Tennessee, South Carolina and Virginia, and the District of Columbia with over 1600 retail branches and 2800 ATMs spread across these locations.

SunTrust Mortgage, Inc has maintained a market presence in over 200 locations across the nation, providing an array of loan servicing and home mortgage solutions through a wide network of correspondents and brokers, and helping people realize the dream of homeownership. The company aims to secure the interest of its customers and shareholders by focusing on five core corporate areas, namely balance sheet, credit quality, income & cost management, client service and work force. The present SunTrust Mortgage CEO is Sterling Edmunds, Jr., who is also the CMB and President of the company.

SunTrust Mortgage Rates

SunTrust Mortgage Rates are still one of the lowest in the country despite a slight increase in 30 year fixed loans in the first quarter of 2010. The overall impression of the graph showing current interest rates since the year 2006 truly reflects the ups and downs of the contemporary financial market situations. Consequently, there has been a drastic fall in the base rates of 30 year fixed mortgages and 1 year ARM loans, from about 6.5% to a little over 4%, during the period. The effective interest rate on a mortgage product depends on a number of factors, such as discount points, origination fees, closing costs and annual percentage rate (APR), which are variable in nature. You can see SunTrust mortgage rates for Today on its official website, which also offers a host of research tools, such as mortgage calculator, rate watch and loan officer finder.

SunTrust Mortgage Calculator

The bank provides an array of online calculators to help homebuyers take appropriate decision while choosing among various loan options.
With these tools, you can find out whether owning a home is better than renting and, if you are a homeowner, whether refinancing is a better option to pay mortgages comfortably. Moreover, fixed and adjustable rate mortgage options can be compared easily and you can also calculate which loan term will suit you the most. Furthermore, SunTrust Mortgage calculators can help you determine monthly payments, amortization schedule, closing costs and many other payment obligations.

SunTrust Mortgage Customer Service

You can reach SunTrust Mortgage Customer Service through a number of ways. You can talk over phone, send email or find a loan officer online. You can contact the customer service department in case you want to know more about a particular product or service of the company. Existing customers can contact them to register complaints and find solutions to their mortgage related problems.

Here are the contact details for SunTrust Mortgage Customer Service.

Phone Number: 1-800-634-7928

Mailing Address:

SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.
PO Box 26149
Richmond, VA 23260-6149
Mail Code RVW 3003


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