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Regions Mortgage Rates

Regions Mortgage Rates keep on changing with the fluctuation in financial market indicators, such as inflation, government policies and pace of economical growth. This is why it is not possible for the bank to show their current mortgage rates on its website. Instead it provides a graphical representation of Freddie Mac Rate History over the last 20 years, which can help one to see the trend and get an idea of what Regions Mortgage Rates Today would be. It also offers help in locating the loan originators or lenders near your area.

These people are the best persons to quote a Regions mortgage rate according to the product, loan amount and term of the loan. The wide array of home loan and refinance programs of the bank can be grouped into the conventional fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages as well as certain specialized products like first time homebuyer loans, construction loans and My Community Mortgages. The bank also offers interest only payment option and rate lock facility for retail consumers. Region mortgage rate sheet is no longer available as the bank has sold its wholesale lending division to M&T Bank.

Regions Mortgage Calculator

Regions mortgage calculator is yet another helpful tool you would find useful during the process of choosing the most suitable loan product of the bank. There are in fact not one but several different calculators, each of which is designed to provide you the most correct answer to a particular type of question. For example, a payment calculator helps you know the amount you would require to pay each month whereas an affordability calculator lets you calculate the amount you can comfortably borrow from the bank.

Similarly, you can find separate calculator to find answers of questions like ‘Should I buy a home’, ‘How much home can I afford’, ‘Should I refinance’, ‘Which loan type is the best for me and ‘Should I pay points to lower the rate’ etc. For more information visit the website of Regions Bank. The website also allows you to download external subordination request form for home equity, seek information on mortgagee clause, get a list of REO properties for sale, and find contact details for customer service, loss mitigation and short sale department

Regions Mortgage Locations

Based in Birmingham Alabama, Regions Bank Mortgage has presence in several US states including Arkansas, Mississippi, Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Indiana and California, to name only a few. A large number of loan officers and mortgage originators operate through its offices in locations like Baton Rouge LA, Chattanooga, Charlotte NC, Cordova TN, Dothan AL, Florence SC, Greenville SC, Hattiesburg MS, Huntsville AL, Jackson MS, Knoxville TN, Little Rock AR, Lafayette IN, Montgomery AL, Memphis, Madison MS, New Orleans, Nashville TN, Orange CA, Pensacola, Shreveport and Tampa. Please note this is only a partial list of Regions Mortgage Locations. To get a complete list or to find a mortgage loan originator near you search online at its website or call 1-877-536-3286.


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