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Quicken Loans Refinance

Quicken Loans Refinance ensures that you have greater control of your financial situation by availing the benefit of one of the lowest rates in history. The refinance loans may enable you to lower your payment, consolidate debt, get cash using equity in your home or an investment property and stabilize monthly payment bill. Moreover, the company also offers a chance to get your mortgage paid off automatically or win thousands of other prizes through Quicken Loans Thanks a Million Giveaway and Tanks a Million Sweepstakes programs. These are special programs which have been put in place by the company to celebrate the closing of one millionth loan (mortgage as well as refinance) in just 25th year of its existence.

Quicken Loans Refinance Rates

Recent changes in market indicators that govern mortgage rates across all states have enabled Quicken Loans to offer one of the lowest refinance rates in history. President Obama's Loan Modification Plan has played a pivotal role in encouraging financial institutions to simplify their refinancing process for current borrowers. Quicken Loans has been at the forefront to take the call wholeheartedly and bring out an array of solutions to help people with refinancing needs. Some of the most popular refinance loans it offers include FHA Loan, 30 year fixed mortgage, Jumbo loans, Smart PMI and VA Loan.

Quicken Loans Refinance Closing Costs

Closing Costs and other fees play important role in determining whether a refinance loan is right for you. Don't go for refinancing if closing costs are too high or are charged inappropriately. You need to have a trusted lender by your side otherwise you end up losing significant sum of money. Quicken Loans offer a few loans with no closing costs, but there are indeed no loans that are available absolutely free of cost. What happens actually is that the lender pays the appraisal and title fees and other charges, and rolls the costs into your monthly mortgage payment at a higher interest rate. It is better to pay upfront to have a refinance loan at a low rate. However, the option can be considered in case you do not possess adequate money to pay at the closing table. Most Quicken Loans refinance complaints involve issues related to inappropriately-inflated closing costs and unnecessary fees.

Quicken Refinance Calculator

Quicken Refinance Calculator is one among the several tools available online at the user-friendly website of this leading online lender. The other tools let you check the current refinance rates, compare different loan options available in your state and see reviews by existing customers. These calculators allow you to see if refinancing helps you reach a financial goal and if it really does then which loan option is the most suitable for you. Moreover, you can also get estimates of your monthly payment, calculate tax, insurance and other expenses, check if you are eligible for a home equity loan or line of credit and generate a complete amortization schedule with the use of a Quicken refinance calculator.

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