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Quicken Loans Complaints

Quicken Loans Complaints are responded promptly and genuine efforts are taken to resolve a conflict in a time-bound manner. This is what helps this largest online lender in the country bag the coveted A+ rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB), a trusted authority to uphold high standards for ethical marketplace behavior in US and Canada. The BBB ratings are based on strict parameters which also include the number complaints it receives from the business' customers and the track record of the company to resolve them within a defined timeframe. Moreover, the overall complaint history and the failure of the company to provide solution to a particular kind of complaint are also taken into account during evaluation of its performances.

Quicken Loans Complaints 2010

It is thus no surprise that Quicken Loans continues to enjoy the faith of over 90 percent of its mortgage and refinance customers in 2010. The surveys by its website and the consumer reports are full of accolades by satisfied clients. These are all testimonials to the quality of services one can get here. The company has closed its millionth loan in 2010 and to celebrate the occasion, a Quicken Loans Thanks a Million Giveaway has been put in place. The Thanks a Million Sweepstakes is an instant win game that remains open for participation till December 31, 2010. You can get more information regarding sweepstakes and giveaway program by calling (800) 251-9080.

There appeared some reports of Quicken Loans ripoff and scam on online forums and complaints websites as well in 2010. However, these are far less in number than those related to some of the big names in the mortgage industry. Moreover, the client relations team of the company is quick to respond most of these scam reports and ripoff stories with an objective to help the troubled consumers. It reflects their genuine desire to maintain their reputation by putting an end to any attempt of scam or ripoff perpetrated inadvertently by any of its employees.

Quicken Mortgage Complaints

Most Quicken mortgage complaints originate from the state of Michigan where the company has its headquarters. Consumers sharing their experiences online through a blog or forum usually find faults with the appraisal practices and the good faith deposits they charge for loan processing. There are reports of taking money as fees and not returning the same in case of withdrawal or refusal. People also complain that the actual closing cost figures in some cases do not match with what the loan officer has quoted at the start.

Some past employees of the company have grudges against the managing team and they are often found quoting instances of scams and frauds when they were a part of the whole business. Their experience counts much for those seeking a service or job in the company. One should not overlook Quicken Loans employee complaints but instead get a deeper insight of issues pointed by them before joining the company or asking one of its loan officers to process your loan.

Contact the Client Relations team at (800) 863-4332 to report complaints, scam, fraud or ripoff. Instant follow up action is ensured.


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