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PNC Mortgage Rates

PNC Mortgage Rates match the best in the industry and offer you flexibility in selecting a finance option that completely meet your home purchase or refinance requirements. The applicable interest rates may vary according to the factors like loan types, amount to be borrowed, location and the present market condition. The interest rates play the most important role in determining the monthly payments for the entire loan term. The website of PNC Mortgage is the place where you can look for current mortgage rates for all its loan types including those previously offered by National City Corporation. Some of the major loan programs of PNC as well as National City Mortgage are being mentioned below:
  • Fixed Rate Mortgage: Get fixed interest rate and fixed monthly payment for the entire life of a mortgage loan.
  • FHA Loans: It is a fixed-rate loan insured by a government agency, Federal Housing Administration.
  • No Mortgage Insurance Loans: A fixed-rate option that also allows you to lower payment after a few years and build equity.
  • Interest Only Loans: You will be making payments towards interests only for ten years before beginning to pay towards the principal amount.
  • Extra Low Payment ARMs: Low monthly payment but fluctuating interest rate may increase your monthly payment bill significantly.
  • Jumbo Loans: Get a loan amount beyond the usual limit at a fixed interest rate.
  • VA Loans: Best finance option for the citizens serving in the US military.

PNC Mortgage Rates Today

Here is a sample of PNC Mortgage Rates Today available for a borrower seeking a refinance loan in New Jersey (NJ). The current mortgage rates keep on changing quite frequently. So the following rate chart may not resemble what you might get on the website of the bank.
Loan TypesRatesAPR
10 Year Fixed3.750% - 4.250%6.209% - 6.334%
15 Year Fixed3.875% - 4.500%5.627% - 5.962%
20 Year Fixed4.375% - 5.000%5.736% - 6.155%
30 Year Fixed4.375% - 5.000%5.365% - 5.839%
3/1 Interest Only ARM3.125% - 4.125%3.806% - 3.901%
5/1 Interest Only ARM3.250% - 4.125%3.856% - 4.052%
7/1 Interest Only ARM3.625% - 4.750%4.067% - 4.516%
10/1 Interest Only ARM4.000% - 5.125%4.423% - 5.084%
7/1 ARM3.500% - 4.625%4.176% - 4.628%
10/1 ARM3.750% - 4.875%4.437% - 5.051%

For updated information on PNC mortgage rates today visit the official website of the bank or call at 877-508-3339 to talk to a home financing specialist who can also help you choose a mortgage loan product according to your needs.


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