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PNC Mortgage Foreclosures

PNC Bank Foreclosures for sale can help you own a home at reduced prices. The bank has indeed accumulated a large inventory of foreclosed properties, residential as well as commercial, due to failure of mortgagers in repaying loan amount and interests or continuing to pay mortgages according to the amortization schedule. The PNC real estate owned (REO) properties for sale are spread across almost all states in the US and are made available to the general public through its foreclosure department. You can either search the current listings of foreclosed properties for sale available online, or get printable catalogue downloaded from its website to peruse at your ease.

PNC Foreclosure Process

The division of PNC Financial Services Group known as PNC Realty Services handles all bank-owned properties that may include residential as well as commercial REO, trust-held real estate and assets available on lease. Most of these properties come under the possession of this division after going through a long phase of PNC foreclosure process that involves procedural steps required according to the law of the state concerned. Since the acquisition of National City bank, the inventory of foreclosed homes and commercial properties at PNC had been on expansion until the process stopped in 23 states in recent times.

PNC REO Properties for Sale

PNC REO Properties for Sale can be searched separately for residential use or for commercial or lease purpose. Separate lists exist online for commercial, residential, trust-held and leased real estate. You can view the listing and choose the one that suits you the most. Make it a point to inspect the property and check its current condition before signing the final deal. You can contact the listing agent to fix a date for the same. The address and the phone number of the agent concerned are listed along with the property details.

PNC REO homes for Sale are a popular search in Pennsylvania, NJ, Ohio and Louisville KY. Moreover, the bank also offers mortgage lending and other financial solutions to help you buy a house of your choice. Apart from what you see in the current listings, there exist additional bank-owned houses for sale at PNC Midland Loan Services Group, where you can find a variety of real estate solutions like special servicing and credits, due diligence, collateral management services and REO sales for real estate investors.

PNC Foreclosure Department

You need to contact PNC foreclosure department for anything pertaining to foreclosed or REO properties for sale. This department exists within the division of PNC Realty Services which is headquartered at Pittsburgh PA. Here are the complete contact details:

PNC Realty Services
Two PNC Plaza
19th Floor
620 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-2705
Phone: 412-762-5888
Fax: 412-762-8017

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