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PNC Mortgage Calculator

PNC Mortgage Calculator is a useful tool that you can use online to get satisfactory answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. For example, you can weigh down your options of buying against renting a home and see which is better in the long run. Even if you have decided to own a home but are not sure of how much you can afford to buy, the online calculator facility of the bank comes to your help. The questions like whether to opt for a fixed-rate mortgage or an adjustable-rate one, and how much one should put down to have an affordable monthly payment solution are all can be answered successfully using the tool. Those who are in need of a refinancing solution can as well find a variety of refinance calculators to assess their financial situation and take an informed decision.

A major subsidiary of PNC Financial Group, PNC Mortgage is known for its long experience in the industry, sensible financial practices, professional approach and helpful staff members. One among the top ten banks in the US, PNC is recognized as a popular brand engaged in different kinds of lending activities including home equity loans and mortgages. A specialized home lending center exists to apprise customers of all kinds of mortgage solutions that the bank offers to them. Find here a wide range of home equity loans and other lending solutions pertaining to buying or refinancing a home. Among the various tools that it offers for the convenience of its customers, calculators are the most important as they play a pivotal role in helping you take probably the biggest ever financial decision.

The various kinds of online calculators can be classified into the following groups:
  • Home Purchase Calculator: Find answers to the following questions: Should I rent or buy? How much can I afford? What kind of down payment do I need? Do I want a fixed or adjustable rate?
  • Refinance Calculator: Refinancing can help you better your economical condition at times. The tools under this category let you solve questions like How much can I borrow? What kind of loan should I get? What will my new payment be? How much can I save in taxes? How advantageous are extra payments? What term should I get? Should I pay points to lower my rate?
  • Mortgage calculator provided by PNC Realty Services: The bank also has a large inventory of REO properties for sale, which are managed by PNC Realty Services. This division of the bank helps buyers of REO homes by providing them affordable mortgage loans. Moreover, it helps them assess their payment capability through a separate mortgage calculator available on its website

For more on the various kinds of PNC Mortgage Calculators and to use them actually over the Internet, visit the official website of PNC Mortgage.


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