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PNC Mortgage

PNC Mortgage came into existence after the acquisition of National City Mortgage by PNC Financial Services Group, Inc in 2008. With this merger, PNC became the sixth largest bank in terms of deposits and also got the opportunity to enter the mortgage market once again, almost a decade after it had sold its original mortgage division to Washington Mutual in 2001. Prior to merger, National City Corporation was ranked among the top ten banks of the US, well ahead of PNC Bank in revenue, and had its headquarters located in Cleveland, Ohio.

With the completion of PNC National City Bank conversion, the new entity has increased its presence over a wide geographical area encompassing the US states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Maryland, Indiana, Florida, Michigan, Delaware, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, Virginia, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia. With over 250 mortgage locations nationwide, you are likely to find a PNC branch or office just near you. Though the routing number changes with the acquisition, the checks of National City Mortgage Company are still accepted.

PNC Mortgage Rates

PNC Mortgage Rates vary according to your financial situation and location in the US. The current rates for home purchase or refinance can be checked online at the website of the bank by providing details of loan types, amount you need to borrow and zip code. Alongside loan rates, you can also see APR and monthly payment for a wide array of mortgage products. These products may include fixed-rate, interest only and FHA mortgages, adjustable-rate loans and VA home loans. Browse our site to get updated PNC mortgage rates and compare these with what other banks are offering.

PNC Mortgage Calculator

You may find it extremely helpful to use PNC mortgage calculator in order to reach a loan decision quickly and accurately. These calculation tools are grouped separately for home purchase and refinance loans. The questions like how much can I afford, should I rent or buy, how much can I borrow and what will my new payment be, can easily be answered using an appropriate PNC mortgage calculator. These tools and several other resources are available online at the website of the bank. Browse our site to get a detailed description of all these and also how you can use them effectively to get the desired results.

PNC Mortgage Payment

PNC Mortgage Payment options include online payment as well as pay by mail options. Under online options you can go for either speedpay or electronic funds transfer (EFT) to pay your mortgage from any account including accounts at other banks also. On the other hand, if you have a checking account at the PNC bank, you can transfer funds immediately either by setting up automated recurring payments or by making payments manually. All these services are available free of charge but you may have to pay a nominal fee under certain speedpay situations.

Moreover, you will also have to pay a fee towards using PNC mortgage equity accelerator program, which allows you to have a portion of your payment deducted online from your checking or savings account each payday. Furthermore, you need to sign up and then login to your account for using any of the online mortgage payment options. The bank also recommends its online banking customers to use the latest version of Quicken financial software in order to get quick results while tracking various data of their accounts. Browse our site to get more on PNC mortgage payment online, payoff phone number and payment address.

PNC Mortgage Customer Service

PNC Mortgage Customer Service Center offers you a number of services and also helps you learn what you can get from it. For example, it helps you manage your mortgage account more conveniently by providing you online information on loan details, payment history, registration process and more. At the customer service center, you will get answers to most frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding escrow accounts, insurance, hardship assistance, loan modification program, refinance options, etc.

Furthermore, you can make payoff request, check current rates, find a local branch, get online tools work for you and do more by seeking assistance of this department. The corporate headquarters of the PNC Financial Services Group is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but the headquarters address for the mortgage operations remains the same as that of the former National City Corporation.

For more information, complaints and reporting fraud, etc contact PNC mortgage customer service, the contact details of which are given here.

PNC Mortgage Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-822-5626


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