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MetLife Mortgage Rates

MetLife Mortgage loans are available at competitive interest rates no matter whether you want them for refinancing or for making a new home purchase. It is often a difficult situation to choose between a fixed- and an adjustable-rate mortgage. While the former gives you complete peace of mind by way of a stable interest rate throughout the life of the loan, the latter can provide you an affordable way to buy the home of your choice by availing the lower home loan rate for the first few years of your mortgage.

In general, a person with a long-term objective and permanent income is likely to choose a fixed-rate home loan option whereas the one who do not intend to keep the home for more than five years finds the adjustable-rate option more suitable. The various alternatives within these two broad categories are low-down payment programs, balloon mortgages, FHA, VA & Interest only loans and Jumbo loans.

To know about the current MetLife Mortgage rates under all these options, you need to contact a local representative of the bank or meet a wholesale agent, broker or lender. Also check an appropriate calculator to choose the kind of loan you can affordably pay for the life of the loan.

MetLife Wholesale Mortgage Rates

MetLife Wholesale Mortgage Rates are visible online to the registered brokers and correspondent lenders, which form the basis of the rate sheet available at them. With the fluctuations in national and local finance market indicators, the rate changes each day differently for different states and geographical locations. The quote provided by most of the lenders are based on the MetLife Mortgage rates today, which can be accessed using special resource programs of the bank through a secured network. For more information, wholesale brokers can call (877) 241-8198 and correspondent lenders at (866) 638-3389.

MetLife Reverse Mortgage Rates

MetLife reverse mortgage is an excellent way to use the equity you have built in your home over years for obtaining an additional income after you become 62 years old. With flexible options and lower interest rates, the reverse mortgage programs of MetLife Bank can prove a better alternative than what you can get at most other lenders.

The options here include Fixed-Rate Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), Adjustable-Rate HECM, HECM Saver, and HECM for Purchase, and Refinancing. Usually you need to pay an origination fee, a mortgage insurance premium, closing costs and a monthly servicing fee. However, you can pay these out of the proceeds of the reverse mortgage itself. To know how much you can receive from an available option, use a reverse mortgage calculator available online that may give you an estimate of the lump-sum cash, line of credit or monthly payment separately for each program.

For more on reviews, complaints and current interest rates, visit the website of the bank. The acquisition of EverBank Reverse Mortgage has expanded its wholesale and servicing portfolios and there are now greater opportunities for students to find jobs here and shape their banking careers. Contact human resource department of a branch for positions available there.


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