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MetLife First Horizon

MetLife Bank purchased the mortgage origination and servicing divisions of First Horizon National Corporation in 2008. The deal, however, involved only the offices located outside the state of Tennessee, and the customers in the state can still find a variety of mortgage solutions at First Tennessee Bank, a subsidiary of First Horizon. The customers from other locations and states, such as Charlotte NC, who obtained a mortgage loan before 2008 should contact at (800) 364-7662 to get servicing from MetLife Home Loans. On the other hand, the customers of all other products from the company should contact its customer service department at (800) 382-5465.

First Horizon National Corporation

Founded in 1864, First Horizon National Corporation now ranks among the top 50 bank holding companies in the US. Its main subsidiaries include First Tennessee Bank and FTN Financial. Based in Memphis, the company has office locations across the state of Tennessee and several other states of the US. Its core business includes mortgage banking, insurance, capital markets, investment and sales of securities.

First Horizon is known as one of the best employers in the country, especially for working mothers and women. The friendly work environment and the total compensation package that focuses on health, money, family and career are what make it acquire this distinction. For job opportunities and careers, search online at its website or call at the following phone numbers: (901) 523-4444, (800) 707-0139, (800) 456-5460. Shareholders can get stock information and latest news and financial reports at its Investor Relations Site.

First Horizon Home Loans

First Horizons Home Loans are provided through First Tennessee Bank, which also offers products like home equity loans, credit cards and personal loans in addition to home mortgages. Its loss mitigation department has a range of options to help its borrowers avoid foreclosures. These options include Repayment Plans, Forbearance, Modification, Short Sale, Deed-in-Lieu, Account Re-age, HAMP, Homesaver Advance and Partial Claims.

To contact loss mitigation department, First Horizon customers can call 800-364-7662. The phone number for the customers of First Tennessee Bank (mortgage or home equity loan or line of credit) is 866-285-2171. To obtain a fast payoff quote by paying a fee of $25, call the customer service number 1-800-327-3028. To get details of interest rates and payment address and also to register complaints, call (800) 609-3094. To view a list of foreclosed or REO properties for sale visit its website and call the phone number of the real estate agents listed there. Website:

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