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MetLife Home Loans

MetLife Home Loans is the mortgage division of MetLife Bank, NA, which is in turn a subsidiary of Insurance giant, MetLife, Inc. One of the ten largest mortgage originators in the US, this home loan division of the bank, has now increased its presence in a number of US states after the acquisition of the loan origination and servicing business of First Horizon National Corporation and First Tennessee Bank, and the reverse mortgage division of Florida-based Everbank Financial Corp in 2008. With a strong network of over 1300 consultants serving through 200 retail offices, the bank is now able to provide services to over 550 thousand borrowers nationwide.

MetLife Bank

A federally chartered bank serving customers since 2001, MetLife Bank, NA offers a wide range of products apart from its range of home loans, which may include Certificates of Deposit (CDs), High-Yield Savings Accounts, Money Market Accounts and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). A leading brand in fund deposits and savings with competitive CD rates and secure FDIC insurance, it has branch locations throughout New York, Utah, New Jersey and in several other states in the United States.

For example, you can send a deposit to Hicksville, NY and a mortgage payment to Charlotte NC. For general correspondence you can send a mail to Bridgewater NJ and for an enquiry pertaining to mortgage account, you can contact its office in Irving TX. Seattle, Las Vegas and Omaha are other important locations of the bank.

The bank is also a member of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA) making it a much sought-after reverse mortgage solution providers to homeowners of over 62 years. To its existing customers, online banking facilities are available, which require them to sign in using their secure login ID and password. For more information, you can call toll free phone number 1-866-BankMet (1-866-226-5638) anytime.

MetLife Insurance

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, or simply MetLife which is the largest life insurance company in the US, is the financial holding corporation for MetLife Bank. It has the distinction of being the first insurance company to establish a nationally chartered bank as one of its leading subsidiaries.

The corporation has a worldwide presence in over 60 countries across the globe with its premium quality insurance products for individuals as well as business. Auto, Home, Disability & Dental Insurance, Mutual Funds & Brokerage, IRAs, Term Life Insurance, Financial & Planning, Wealth Management, Banking & Financial Services, Residential and Commercial Mortgages and Home Loans are just a few broad categories of the wide selection of products it has to offer to its global customers.

Now headquartered in the Empire State Building in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, MetLife, Inc has a workforce of over 50,000 employees, who enjoy greater freedom in defining their career objective and choosing a path that leads to a prosperous future. Jobs are in plenty in areas like corp services, customer relationships, communications, sales, technology and financial products & services, which attract experienced and students alike. For more on job opportunities and careers here visit, the flagship website of the corporation.

MetLife Mortgage

The product range at MetLife Home Loans includes the conventional fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages, and FHA & VA loans, financing solution for new construction, Jumbo loans and reverse mortgages along with flexible mortgage options for first-time homebuyers. Whether you need a refinance loan or want to buy a new home, you will find matching solutions at the most competitive MetLife mortgage rates.

Use a calculator available online at its web portal to analyze your financial situation and get an estimate of what you can afford and what your future payments would be like. Existing customers can seek assistance in setting up an account for online payment, obtaining a quick payoff quote and availing the mortgage modification programs for avoiding an imminent foreclosure. It also has a wholesale lending division to serve mortgage brokers and help them serve their customers even better. A National Builder Division also exists to support home builders and their clients.

For all information in relation to MetLife Home Mortgage and home loan product and services, its customer service department can be accessed via phone, fax, email or physical mail. Consumer complaints are looked seriously and reviews are appreciated here. Here are the contact details.

Phone Number for mortgage applications: 1-800-369-2219
Phone Number for loan account servicing: 1-888-638-6964
Phone Number for reverse mortgage: 1-800-607-0366

Address to send correspondence:

MetLife Home Loans
4000 Horizon Way
Suite 100
Irving, TX 75063

Mortgage Payment should be sent to Charlotte NC at the following address:

MetLife Home Loans
PO Box 71093
Charlotte, NC 28272 1093


Metlife Home Loans
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