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ING Direct Mortgage Calculator

ING Direct doesn’t offer mortgage calculator unlike most other lenders who provide a variety of calculators to help customers assess their financial situations in order to prequalify online and choose a suitable loan product. Instead it offers a more user-friendly and easy to use tool, which it calls Solutions Finder.

This is a comprehensive tool that takes into account every aspect of a loan approval process and uses every bit of information that the user provides to come up a decision that is quicker and more accurate than what one can expect from a typical payment calculator or affordability calculator.

ING Direct Solutions Finder

ING Direct Solutions Finder can be put into use no matter whether you are buying a new home or refinancing a current loan. Choose the appropriate option to go to the next step where you will have to answer a few questions about your income, credit score and outstanding liabilities.

Next step will put before you another set of questions pertaining to the house you are supposed to buy. For example, you will be asked about the amount you want to borrow and the purchase price of the property. Questions regarding the types of home and its location and other details are also asked.

Once you supply all information correctly, you reach the last step where you can see the suggested solutions to your finance or refinance problems. Depending upon your circumstances, there could be more than one solution fitting properly to your needs. Choose the one that best suits you and click the Apply Now button to complete the prequalification process online.

ING Direct Mortgage Calculator Canada

For customers in Canada and several other countries like Australia and the UK, ING Bank provides a variety of mortgage calculators, such as payment or repayment, affordability, refinance, interest and insurance calculator. The citizens of a country should visit the ING Bank website corresponding to their country in order to use these tools and resources.

For example, the customers in Canada can visit to get an access to tools like mortgage payment calculator, rate translator and how much can I borrow. Other tools include mortgage simplifier, application tracker, and worksheets and so on. Using these resources will help you know how good an ING mortgage solution is for you.

US citizens can find more information on ING mortgage products and tools by dialing 1-866-327-4599.


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