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HSBC REO, or Real Estate Owned List, contains homes and properties that have come into the possession of the bank through foreclosures. These properties were originally held by the borrowers of either HSBC Mortgage Corporation (USA) or a mortgage company serviced by HSBC bank. But since their owners were unable to pay mortgages, the bank initiated foreclosure process to sell them at auctions and recover the mortgage cost. Those foreclosed properties that did not sell at auctions came under the ownership of the bank and were renamed as REO Properties.

HSBC REO Properties

HSBC REO Properties are listed on the official website and are sold without any representations and warranties by the bank or its real estate agents. Commonly known as HSBC Properties for Sale, these are listed with local Realtors or agents who can provide solutions to all your queries regarding inspection and sale. The contact number and email ID of these agents and brokers are given against each property listed online. To buy a property, you need to contact the real estate broker dealing it and make an offer on HSBC approved contracts.

If you require any financial assistance for buying an HSBC REO property, the bank provides the same at its current mortgage rates. Use Affordability Analysis calculator to check whether or not you qualify for a mortgage program of the bank. To begin your mortgage application process, find "Apply Now" link on its website and click over it to go to a page where you can provide complete information regarding your mortgage requirements.

HSBC REO Department

The REO Properties are handled by a separate department of the bank, which can hire the services of professional asset managers to simplify its task of property maintenance and asset management. As there are not many asset management companies or service providers that can offer you HSBC properties for sale, it is better to approach its REO Department and browse through its listings of properties in order to find the one you would be interested in buying. Use the phone number provided there to talk to the broker dealing the property and get instant solutions to your queries. The broker will be your guide to complete the sales process of a real estate owned property. HSBC REO Department does not have a direct contact number, so you will have to access it via the customer service department. Here is the phone number of HSBC Customer Service.

Phone Number: 1.800.975.4722


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