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HSBC Mortgage Refinance

HSBC Mortgage Refinance is a great way to lower the rate of interest you are currently paying and also to generate fund for home renovation, bill payment and a number of other necessities. Refinancing is an easy way to use the equity in your home as a good source of low-cost funding. The simplified procedure of obtaining a refinance loan at HSBC bank may involve calculating new payment with a rate calculator, amortizing current mortgage and requesting a pay off amount online through the internet banking website of the bank.

HSBC Mortgage Refinance Rates

HSBC Mortgage Refinance Rates are the same as those of purchases. Under various programs, the bank offers conforming refinance loans for 15 year fixed and 30 year fixed. According to the website of the bank, the mortgage refinance rates for 15 year and 30 year fixed conforming loans have been 4.125 percent and 4.625 percent in recent times. The APR is 4.361 and 4.762 respectively. HSBC also offers FHA/VA Loans at fixed rate for a period of 30 years. The interest rate and APR for the same have been 4.625 percent and 4.804 respectively.

HSBC Mortgage Refinance Programs

The following kinds of refinances are available at HSBC Mortgage Corporation:
  • Rate/Term Refinance: The program is useful n reducing either interest rate or loan term, or both. You can pay off your current mortgage with the amount of new mortgage, which also include the new closing costs.

  • Cash Out Refinance: Under this program, you can use the equity in your home to covert it into cash which you are free to use anyway you like. Contact the bank officials to know more how you can get funds out of your home through a cash-out refinance program.

  • Streamline Refinance: FHA or VA loans come under this kind of refinancing programs. If the rate you are paying is higher than the market interest rate, then you may qualify for this program. You need to supply a very limited documentation to get your monthly payment reduced and rate lowered.
To see if you are eligible for any kind of HSBC Mortgage Refinance, call the number given below:

Phone Number: 1.888.346.1717


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