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GMAC Mortgage Rates

GMAC Mortgage Rates are well within five percent for all major loan types - Conventional, FHA and Jumbo. Nevertheless the effective interest rate you may end up paying after the closing of a mortgage deal will depend upon a number of factors. These factors will also determine the cost of obtaining a home purchase or refinance loan from GMAC. The following factors play vital roles in determining your suitability for a mortgage loan type and the rate of interest and other costs applicable for the same.
  • Loan Type: Purchase or Refinance
  • Property Type: Single-family or multifamily unit, condominiums, planned unit development
  • Occupancy Type: Whether you are going to use the property as a primary residence or a second home
  • Loan Amount: The amount you need to buy or refinance a property
  • Property Value: The sale value of the property according to the current market rate
  • Credit Rating or Score
  • How you are going to pay homeowners insurance and property taxes: by setting up an escrow account or by paying the dues yourself
  • Location of the property
You can use the online tool provided by GMAC Mortgage on its website to check applicable interest rates by supplying appropriate data. You will also find here facilities like rate lock and rate reduction while choosing a loan product online or by phone.

GMAC Current Mortgage Rates

The GMAC Current Mortgage Rates can be seen on the website of ditech, the brand under which mortgage products are being made available by the company. A sample of the current rates as shown on the website is given here for your information.

Loan Products Rate APR
30-Year Fixed & Other Conventional Loans 4.250 4.488
FHA Loans (FHA Home Refinance) 4.250 4.941
Jumbo Loans 3.875 3.637

The aforementioned rates are of informative value only. For current GMAC mortgage rates, you should go to the website of the company. The website will also provide online tools, calculators and other useful materials. To get an estimation of mortgage rate, monthly payments and closing costs, you can also call on the phone number given below:

Phone Number: 1.877.941.4622

GMAC Website:

Ditech Website:

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