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GMAC Mortgage Payment

GMAC Mortgage Payment can be made using any of the methods that the company provides to first mortgage as well as home equity customers. These methods include Online Payment Services, Pay by Phone Services, Mail or Express Mail, Western Union and MoneyGram. You are completely free to make your own choice regarding the selection of a method that you think will work best for you. But you must keep in mind that you should not delay your payment beyond the due dates as you will have to pay a late fee after the expiry of a grace period, if you have any. Moreover, it is now also possible to pay GMAC mortgage with Credit Card.

GMAC Mortgage Online Payment

You have the following options to make GMAC Mortgage payment on line.
  • Online Monthly Payment Program: You can schedule the day of your monthly payment once and have your account debited automatically each month on the scheduled date.
  • Pay-On-Demand: Here you have an option to set a new date each month for online transfer from your account.
  • Bill Pay: You can log in and go to the My Account area of the website for GMAC Mortgage Bill Pay. For registration you will need your loan number.
  • Rush Pay: If you are not enrolled in an online payment program but wants to make payment online, Rush Pay is the option for you. But remember this one time service is chargeable.

GMAC Mortgage Payoff Phone Number

The company allows you to make payments by phone also. You are free to avail this service anytime and any number of times, however, there are certain fees associated with the service. It is also possible to request payoff statements and confirm receipt of the payment you made recently. GMAC mortgage payoff phone number is the same as the one you use for making regular payments. First Mortgage customers can call 1.800.766.4622 and home equity customers can use the phone number 1.800.205.4622. To pay GMAC Mortgage with Credit Card you can apply by calling 800-821-8758.

GMAC Mortgage Payment Address

You can send your payment by standard mail as well as by express mail, although the payment address will not be the same in both cases. The GMAC Mortgage payment address for standard mail is as follows:

GMAC Mortgage
P.O. Box 79135
Phoenix, AZ 85062-9135

Those preferring to send their payments by Express Mail can use the following address:

GMAC Mortgage
6716 Grade Lane
Building 9, Suite 910
Louisville, KY 40213-1407

Apart from these options, GMAC Mortgage Payment can be made through Western Union money transfers and MoneyGram as well. However, these services are not free and you need to pay $12.95 for Western Union money transfer and $8.50 for using MoneyGram to transact up to $10,000. To locate a Western Union or MoneyGram office near you call 1.800.325.6000 or 1.800.926.9400 respectively.

For more information regarding GMAC Mortgage Payment, call its customer service at the following number:

Phone Number: 1.800.766.4622

GMAC Mortgage
Customer Service