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GMAC Mortgage Login

GMAC Mortgage Login is the first step to access online your mortgage account with the bank. Moreover, you must have a valid User ID and password to sign in as a customer of the bank and access your online account. To enroll in online access, you can go to the homepage of the GMAC Mortgage website and select Enroll. If you try to enroll or login as a ditech customer then also you will be redirected to the same page of this website. Upon selecting the Enroll option, you be will taken through a series of steps asking you a few challenge questions and other necessary information.

It is completely safe to transact with the company using your online mortgage account. The challenge questions that are asked during registration process are a way to ascertain your identity when you try to login using a computer other than the one you have used during enrollment. These questions also help in protecting your identity if someone happens to steal your username and password. Moreover, the online access system automatically places a cookie on your computer system upon your checking Register this Computer box during the enrollment process. This cookie helps the system recognize your computer the next time you login using it.

The usual process of GMAC Mortgage Login begins with the display of a trusted image and phrase when you use a registered computer. You need to select a unique image and enter a phrase to continue further. It is during the enrollment process that you choose a trusted image and phrase and these can be changed anytime by modifying your profile. Moreover, these unique additions to the login process help you verify that you have opened the correct GMAC Mortgage website. Note these images do not appear when your account is tried to be opened from an unregistered computer.

Online account access at GMAC Mortgage is completely safe and protected from malicious activities of hackers or unauthorized users. Those who do not have online access can still avail automated services provided by the bank through phones. First mortgage customers can call 1-800-766-4622 and Home Equity or Consumer Loan Customers can call 1-800-205-4622. For any further help regarding GMAC Mortgage login, ditect login and sign in, contact customer service at phone number 1.800.766.4622.


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