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GMAC Mortgage Calculator

GMAC Mortgage, a major mortgage loan originator in the USA, helps a customer select a right loan product by offering them a wealth of online tools and resources. These may include mortgage chart, formula, counter, equation, software and calendar, but the one that is used most often is GMAC Mortgage Calculator. A mortgage calculator is used to see whether you are capable of buying a piece of real estate under the given mortgage terms and conditions. Moreover, there are different calculators for different purposes. Here is a list of GMAC Mortgage Calculators available online.
  • Mortgage Loan Calculator: Used to generate an amortization schedule for a current mortgage
  • Rent vs. Buy: Decide whether it is better to own than to rent in the present financial condition
  • Mortgage Loan Calculator (PITI): Generate an amortization schedule for a current mortgage taking into account annual property taxes and annual home insurance
  • ARM vs. Fixed Rate Mortgage: Compare Fixed rate mortgage to Fully Amortizing ARM and Interest Only ARM
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator: Compute adjustable rate mortgage payment with this tool
  • Mortgage APR Calculator: Calculate Annual Percentage Rate for your mortgage and get a full amortization schedule, either by month or by year.
  • Amortizing Loan Calculator: Compute monthly payment schedule by supplying variables like loan amount, interest rate and terms.
  • Home Equity Calculator: Determine the equity by providing estimated market price of your home and the amount of mortgage you still owe to your lender
  • Mortgage Qualifier: Helps you determine how much you can afford to borrow
  • Refinance Breakeven: Find out when you are going to achieve breakeven on a mortgage refinance.
  • Alternative Payment Frequencies: You can use different combinations of payment frequencies to determine your monthly payment or loan amount.
For more information and to use these calculators actually visit the official website of GMAC Mortgage.


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