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EMC Mortgage Loan Modification

EMC Mortgage Loan Modification intends to help you retain homeownership if you qualify any of the options available under Making Home Affordable Program. If your loan modification request is denied for any reason, you may be evaluated for any other foreclosure alternatives, such as short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure. Talk to a homeownership specialist at 866-550-5705 to explore your options if you are behind on payments. Those current on their mortgage need to complete a Borrower's Assistance Form (also known as RMA form) available online and fax the same to the number provided there. If your request is accepted (which usually takes 30 days), you will be asked to enter into a three-month trial plan of JP Morgan Chase Bank before a final modification agreement could be reached.

EMC Loan Modification Forms

EMC Loan Modification Forms are part of Chase Homeowner Information Packet that can be downloaded online. You need to complete the application forms and send the completed packet to EMC via fax or mail. The loan medication package contains required documentation checklist, request form, IRS form 4506 and guidelines on documents and other application requirements. Please note that if you have an attorney by your side, you need to supply his/her complete contact details, such as name, address and telephone number also.

Moreover, to avoid a mortgage rip-off, fraud or scam, do not seek assistance from any organization that charges you an advance fee. Report such scams to or call (888) 995-HOPE to register any complaints in this regard. You can also call toll-free 1-800-569-4287 to talk to a HUD certified homeownership counseling agency or 800-723-3004 to contact EMC Mortgage Loan Modification Department. It has now become easier to get home retention help at EMC, since the process is now being handled by JP Morgan Chase. The rise in the number of loan modification success stories published online drives home this point.

The completed loan modification package can be sent to the following address:

By Regular Mail
EMC Fulfillment Center
P.O. Box 469030
Glendale, CO 80246

By Overnight Mail
EMC Fulfillment Center
710 South Ash Street
Suite #200
Glendale, CO 80246

Fax Number: 866-282-5682

EMC Short Sale

The home retention team of the Chase Bank or the loan workout team of EMC will suggests you all alternatives to help you keep your home. These may include short refinance, loan modification and repayment plan. If however nothing works out to save your home, you can consider the option of short sale, for which you need to take permission from the bank. To do that, apply with a Homeowner's Authorization Form that comes in a short sale packet containing different kinds of forms, checklist for required documents, guidelines and other application requirements.

The completed package along with a hardship letter, and income, tax and other details should be faxed to 917-849-2677. You can also send the package via mail to EMC Mortgage Corporation, Attn. Loan Workout Department, PO Box 293030, Lewisville, TX 75029-3030. It usually takes about 15 days to review your short sale request. The process to sell your property to a prospective buyer can be initiated once you get the approval letter. The Chase EMC short sale package, on the other hand, can be sent to EMC Fulfillment Center in Glendale, Co via mail or to 877-601-2677 via fax.

The loss mitigation department should be contacted for anything related to short sale or foreclosure, which can be accessed at 800-723-3004. The foreclosed properties or REO properties are sold through a network of real estate brokers and registered agents. Those interested in buying such properties should contact EMC REO Department at 888-577-4011.


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