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EMC Mortgage

EMC Mortgage refers to EMC Mortgage Corporation, which has specialization in the servicing of residential mortgage loans. Besides, it offers high-class services on securitization, acquisition and default management, with up-to-date online information to investors and other stake holders on its publicly-traded securities. The headquarters is located in Lewisville, Texas, but it has offices in Irvine, California and several other locations (for example, Irving Texas) as well. The company offers excellent career-development opportunities to its 1600 employees through benefits like 401(k), stock purchase, retirement and health & income protection plan and many more. For jobs and current career opportunities, one needs to visit the website of JP Morgan Chase.

Bear Stearns JP Morgan Chase

Who owns EMC Mortgage Company? Well, it was Bear Stearns that had full ownership of EMC Mortgage Group. Bear Stearns was known as a leading investment bank and securities trading and brokerage before the year 2008 when it collapsed and became a part of JP Morgan Chase. A company founded in 1923 is destined to eventually see its collapse on account of its failure to deal with the subprime mortgage crisis that incurred heavy losses to its investors. An attempt was made by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to save the company, but it could not work out and Bear Stearns was sold to JP Morgan Chase. With this sale, the ownership of EMC Mortgage Company was automatically transferred to JP Morgan Chase. Moreover Bear Stearns stock chart does not exist anymore as its owner has discontinued the use of this name.

EMC Mortgage Servicing Corp

Regarded as one of the best home mortgage servicing companies for residential loans, EMC has over 480,000 loans under its portfolio at present. With a sharp focus on the personalized servicing requirements of each borrower, it has helped many fulfill their financial objectives. Trained employees, helpful customer service and loss mitigation departments and a range of loan modification programs show its commitment to providing the best loan services to the consumers.

EMC Mortgage Payment

Borrowers having problems in making payments can either keep the house by availing repayment plan or loan modification options, or sell the same using the instrument of a short sale or Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. Despite the allegation of mortgage fraud (a class action lawsuit is filed against it recently) and the complaints regarding wrongful foreclosure, the company is trying to do its best in providing the best-possible services. Online customers are provided with secure login user id and password to access its services conveniently over the internet.

EMC Mortgage Customer Service

You can contact EMC Mortgage Customer Service by phone, email and via physical mail. For mortgage related inquiries, you can call (800) 723-3004; otherwise you need to dial (800) 695-7695. The mortgage payment center is located in Dallas TX , where you can also send an overnight mail to pay mortgages but to a different address. The corporate headquarters is located in Lewisville TX, which is also the physical address for EMC Mortgage customer service. Here are the details:

EMC Mortgage Corporation
Attention: Customer Service
P.O. Box 293150
Lewisville, TX 75029-3150

Phone Number: (800) 723-3004


EMC Mortgage
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