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Citizens Bank Mortgage Rates

Citizens Bank Mortgage Rates may vary according to your credit history, the amount of loan and whether you want it for home purchase or refinancing an existing loan. The value of the collateral and the borrowers’ ability to pay back the loan are also taken into account. Citizens Bank Mortgage Rates Today can give you an idea of what the bank has to offer to you in states like RI, MA, NY, PA and NH. In Illinois, Michigan and Ohio, the today’s rates are provided by Charter One Bank, one of the subsidiaries of RBS owned Citizens Financial Group, Inc, through websites like and The company’s headquarters is located in Providence, Rhode Island, but it has corporate offices in Boston Massachusetts, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and several other locations also.

Fixed-rate loans, which may be for a 30 year term or a 15 year one, have fixed interest rates through out the loan term. Thus they are suitable for individuals with constant or growing income. On the other hand, an adjustable-rate loan has a changeable interest rate, which is linked to an index LIBOR. These loans are suitable for those who cannot afford to pay large payment during the first few years of borrowing or have a plan to move or refinance in future. Interest only loans offer you flexibility to pay only the interest portion of your payment in times of financial crisis. Citizens Bank provides lots of tools and facilities like calculators, rate watch, rate lock and custom rate quote to give you a better control over your mortgage loan.

Citizens Bank Mortgage Rates Today

Additionally, you can get an idea of Citizen Bank current mortgage rates by keeping a track of the today’s market report available on its website. Here is a sample of the same.

Programs Interest Rates
30 Year Fixed Average 4.17%
15 Year Fixed Average 3.57%
10 Year Treasury 2.94%
30 Year Treasury 4.33%

Citizens Bank Refinance Rates

Charter One customers looking for refinance loans can see the website to check the current mortgage rates. Here is a sample:

Programs Interest Rates APR
30-Year Fixed Rate 4.750% 4.790%
15-Year Fixed Rate 4.125% 4.194%
5/1 Adjustable 3.375% 3.167%
3/1 Adjustable 3.125% 3.064%
7/1 Adjustable 3.750% 3.385%
5/1 Interest Only ARM 3.500% 3.200%

Citizens Bank Mortgage Calculator

Citizens Bank offers an array of mortgage calculators to help you take the most reasonable decision on one of the most important issues of your life. A calculator allows you to compare between buying and renting a house, get an estimate of the monthly payment, check if a refinance loan is suitable for you and know if you can get a better deal by purchasing mortgage points. There is a separate calculator for each of these and you can even find one to compare between a 15 year loan and 30 year loan. The customer service department can be accessed via email, fax and phone to get more details regarding every aspect of a mortgage loan.

Phone Number: 1-800-922-9999


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