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CitiMortgage Refinance

CitiMortgage Refinance options are available for existing customers as well as for those new to the bank. Existing customers can simply sign on to access a host of refinance resources online. New customers can also see information and make application online. Moreover, the bank offers a range of products to match your every need, whether fixed rate or adjustable rate mortgage. If you are not able to pay mortgages on time due to financial hardship, you might consider a refinancing option being made available by Citigroup.

Refinancing can help you achieve the following:
  • A low monthly payment that can be achieved either by reducing the interest rate or extending the mortgage term
  • Access to the equity you have built up in your home, which may be used for improvements or paying debts
  • Adjustment of loan term and interest rate so as to allow you to pay off your mortgage quickly
Moreover, a current principal residential customer is eligible to apply for CitiMortgage Streamline Refinance. A VA refinance can be sought to lower the interest rate on a VA Loan.

CitiMortgage Refinance Rates

CitiMortgage refinance rates are different for different kinds of mortgages. Moreover, the interest rates may vary according to the amount to be borrowed and the value of the home. The factors like whether the home is used as a primary or secondary residence may also affect CitiMortgage refinance rates. With Citibank, you have an option to reduce the interest rate on your loans by paying points. A point is equivalent to 1% of the loan amount. Check APR while comparing various refinance options as it shows the total annual cost of the loan that includes closing costs, fees, interest, lender points and other charges.

CitiMortgage Refinance Existing Customer

Existing customers can sign on to apply as well as check the application status online for a refinance loan from Citibank. They can choose a fixed rate or an adjustable rate refinancing product to suit their financial needs. To discuss with a mortgage loan consultant regarding refinance options available to you, the following phone number can be used: 1-800-283-7918. New customers can call 1-800-248-4638 to explore their refinance options. These phone numbers can also be used to register complaints or report a refinance scam. For more details Citibank Mortgage Customer Service can be contacted. Check reviews online before deciding on a Citibank Refinance product.


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