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CitiMortgage Short Sale

CitiMortgage Short Sale will not be a daunting process if you have an experienced Realtor by your side. You, your Realtor and the bank can work together to churn out as much money as possible to pay off the dues and make the short sale process a real success. The more money you pay back to the bank the less stress will be on you. Make your hardship letter as authentic as possible and try to express your financial condition in the best possible manner.

The Loss Mitigation Department automatically sends Hardship Assistance Package, which contains workable solutions packets, once a homeowner gets 60 days behind the scheduled payment date. You need to complete financial worksheet forms and write a hardship letter explaining why you have fallen behind the payment schedule and whether you require some assistance in order to continue to make regular payments or instead want to choose the path of short sale in a bid to avoid foreclosure on your home.

CitiMortgage Short Sale Department

If you think a short sale is the best possible solution in the present situation you can send application to CitiMortgage Short Sale Department asking an approval for the same. Also send some documents supporting your point along with your application. Keep your Realtor by your side to negotiate well for a favorable approval letter and make the whole thing simpler to you.

Those who have undergone Citibank short sale process in 2010 are happy with the success as the bank tries to ensure a hassle free process while keeping the requirements and timeline to the minimal level. It is not the same always. Sometimes you may find it difficult to contact CitiMortgage Loss Mitigation Department and obtain the Letter of Authorization so much needed for the short sale process to get started even if you have found a buyer.

Keep calling the mortgage customer service and you can even try the option to use your own Letter of Authorization and the send the entire package to the Loss Mitigation Department via fax. Note that you may also be asked for up to two appraisals and a BPO by the Citibank Short Sale Department.

Use the following resources to contact CitiMortgage Short Sale Department:

CitiMortgage Short Sale Department Phone Number

Try contacting the dept at the numbers given below:

Phone Numbers: 866-272-4749, 866-357-0615
Mortgage Customer Service Number: 1-800-283-7918
Loss Mitigation Department Phone Number: 866-272-4749

CitiMortgage Short Sale Fax Number: 301-696-4473


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