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Citibank Mortgage Rates

Citibank Mortgage Rates are updated everyday to reflect current changes in the financial market. The bank offers a wide range of mortgages, each with interest rates that can give you competitive advantage over what you could get from other banks. The loans offered by CitiMortgage can be classified into three groups:
  • Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate Mortgages: Most homebuyers opt for a fixed rate mortgage as the interest rate remains fixed throughout the loan term. Those who would like to refinance soon may choose Adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) and take the risk of a fluctuating rate associated with this loan program. The interest rates for such kinds of variable home loans are linked to Citibank Mortgage Prime Rate (CPMR). Currently, the prime rate stands at 13.
  • Jumbo and Super Jumbo Loans: If the loan amount exceeds the conventional conforming loan limits, you would require a Jumbo loan, or probably a super jumbo loan. Note that the Jumbo rates are higher than a conventional loan and refinancing could be more expensive due to the closing costs.
  • Government Loans: CitiMortgage Inc offers government-backed FHA and VA loans to members of low-income or special-interest groups. Low interest rates and easy repayment options distinguish these loans from conventional mortgages.

Citibank Mortgage Current Rates

As the loan rates change each day and vary substantially according to the loan program and location, you may see different rate quotes every time you log on to Citmortgage website. See Today's Mortgage Rates and use online calculator to compare different loan programs offered by the bank. An example of Citibank current mortgage rates is given here.

Product Type 30 Year Fixed 5 Year Fixed 5/1 Libor ARM
Mortgage Term 30 Years 15 Years 30 Years
APR 5.121 % 4.744 % 3.911 %
Interest Rate 4.875 % 4.250 % 4.000 %

CitiMortgage Rate Sheet

Lenders can participate in the CalPERS Member Home Loan Program managed by CitiMortgage Inc wherein they can get benefits of working as a CalPERS approved lender. The archived rate sheet is made available online to the participant lenders as well as to general public. For more on CalPERS Member Home Loan Program you can contact at 800-553-3375.

You can subscribe CitiMortgage Rate Watch, a free email service, to get updates on current interest rates for most mortgage programs that may also include information on Jumbo Loan Rates, Refinance Rates and other Citigroup and Citifinancial Mortgage Rates. Moreover, Homeowner Assistance is provided to troubled borrowers through mortgage rate modification and refinancing options.

You can call a CitiMortgage Loan Consultant at 1-800-248-4638 to discuss with your mortgage loan options. For more you can visit the official website of the bank.


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