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CitiMortgage Calculator

CitiMortgage Calculator is a good tool to check how much you can afford to participate in a mortgage loan program of the bank. With the online calculator present on its website you can see the different kinds of loan options together at one place along with the rate of interest currently being charged for each of them.

This way it becomes easy for you to compare the loan terms, interest rates and other characteristics to single out the best option. There are 30 year fixed rate, 15 year fixed rate and 30 year adjustable rate mortgages to choose from. Once you are through with this step you can start the application process by filling out details required for interest rate calculation.

The information you provide on Citibank Mortgage Calculator page is used to analyze your current financial status and check your suitability for the loan program you have chosen. You may be asked to enter personal as well as financial information, but rest assured of the safety of whatever you supply to the bank as the entire process is completely secure and simple.

The information you are likely to be asked may relate to your location, monthly income, assets & liabilities, credit score and the details regarding the property you are buying. You can also choose to lock your interest rate either for a 60-day lock or 90-day lock period. Fill all the empty boxes with correct and updated information so as to allow the calculator to come up with the most accurate result. The kinds of mortgage products and the rate options Citibank would offer to you depend on the information you have supplied at this stage.

Citibank Mortgage Refinance Calculator

Citibank Mortgage Refinance Calculator is offered by a third party solution provider know as LeadFusion, and not by the bank itself. These calculators are of educational and illustrative value only, and the bank does not guarantee the accuracy of the results produced by them. Nevertheless, the mortgage refinance calculator is a useful tool that allows you to see if refinancing can help to improve your financial condition.

For more information and also to use Citibank Mortgage Calculator and refinance calculator visit the website mentioned below.


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