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BB&T Mortgage Rates

BB&T Mortgage rates depend on different indicators of the present market condition, such as inflation and the policy of the Federal Reserve Bank. As the bank has no authoritative control over these indicators, the interest rates keep on changing every time and for every location. Nevertheless, you have the option to lock in an interest rate that you think is the best for you. The usual lock-in period for an online application is 60 days. To increase this period you need to talk to the mortgage professional after completing the application process. It should be noted here that this option is exercised keeping in mind the closing date of your loan. A refinance loan should close within 30 days after you are granted a rate lock.

BB&T Current Mortgage Rates

You need to contact a BB&T mortgage representative to get current rates applicable for different kinds of loan solutions in North Carolina (NC) and other US states. These are not available online; instead you can find resources that can help you select an ideal loan option. Fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages of varying terms are the two major categories of such loans. Each of these are available at the same interest rates and APR for people with home purchase and refinancing needs.

The former ensures a stable rate and hence, you need to pay a fixed amount of payment during the entire life of the loan. This could be the best option for people with a secure job and stable income but the monthly payment will be higher. The latter, on the other hand, keeps on changing as the market changes and thus your payment may decrease or increase accordingly. Although you can enjoy a low rate for the initial few years you should consider this option only when you do not intend to stay in your home for a long duration.

The fixed-rate mortgage can be of 15 years or 30 years depending upon your choice and capability.
  • BB&T 15 Year Mortgage Rates: With this option you can clear all your debt sooner than the other fixed rate option. As the total number of payments will decrease you will end up paying more each month to clear off the debt. However, if you calculate the total interest you will be paying for the entire term, you will find it much lower than the other option, which is yet another advantage.
  • BB&T 30 Year Mortgage Rates: It is just the opposite of the previous one. The duration of term increases and so does the number of payments made during the period. This will make the amount you will be paying each month lower, but the total interests during the entire term will be higher.

BB&T Mortgage Rates Today

As the today's rates are not available online, you need to contact the lender recognized in your state by the bank. Its website provides a complete list of all professionals associated with the company, along with their phone numbers and other contact details. You can also contact BB&T Mortgage Servicing Center to get details regarding current interest rates in your state. Here are the contact details of the same.

Phone Number: 1-800-295-5744


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