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BB&T Mortgage Calculator

BB&T Mortgage Calculator is a helpful tool that you can use online to take a mortgage decision faster and with much efficiency. With this tool you will check your affordability level and see how much you can put down at closing to get an amortization schedule that you can manage well and without any problem. It is not only the first time buyers who need such tools, but they are required for existing homeowners and borrowers seeking a refinance loan as well. During a loan term, if ever you face a payment problem, you can check if a hardship program exists for you or whether or not you can qualify for a government-sponsored loan modification program. These financial calculators are smart enough to tell you about the different components of your payment, such as the loan term, principal, interest rate, tax, insurance and fees etc. You can even manipulate some of these variables to obtain a more affordable figure.

BB&T Financial Calculators

Branch Banking and Trust Company offers a large number of financial calculators to serve different purposes of the customers. In addition to mortgage calculator, it has tools to allow customers to take better financial decisions regarding auto loans, budgeting, college & education loans, credit card, estate & income tax obligations, home equity loans, investment, payroll management, retirement planning, small business operation, savings, stock and life insurance requirements.

Even mortgage customers can use different tools to meet their different objectives and get desired solutions. Some of the most common questions you will get answers for using these calculators include the following:
  • How much can I afford to buy a home?
  • What would be my payments for the loan term?
  • Should rent a home or buy one?
  • Should I take a fixed-rate mortgage or an adjustable-rate one?
  • Should I go for a long term mortgage solution or a shorter one?
  • How much should I put down to bring my payments to my affordability level?
  • Can I save taxes, and if yes then how much?
  • Should I consider a refinance loan to reduce my payment or mortgage rate or both?
  • Is it possible to reduce mortgage insurance costs and by how much?
  • Can I get benefits by making extra payments?
  • Can I qualify for no PMI mortgage solutions?
  • Can I get first-time homebuyer credit?

There could be many more questions that you can satisfactorily answer using one of the several BB&T Mortgage calculators. Follow the link given here to get access to these tools and start using them.


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